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Videos for September list 2


September Best Videos Week 1

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Best Music Videos for September 2019

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Is It Better?

Is it better to see what someone looks like on the outside, instead of concentrating on what’s inside and who they are? Once again I have to pose this question, because I get people who will not connect with me on social media, or those who have connected with me, undo their connection, all because I refuse to show my face anywhere on line. Here’s my problem with why I won’t show my face:


1.) People judge you by what you look like first, not who you are inside, want to get to know someone? Read their thoughts, tweets and posts first.

2.) I don’t do dating apps or sites, I don’t use social media as a dating tool. Too many people use social media as a way to find potential partners or such. I like to get to know a woman in my case, in person, not through texting, video chat, or social media. Call me old fashioned I guess.

3.) Last and ONLY time I showed my face on line in social media, it caused me too much drama problems. Yes, I do love to help people, but no, just because I help you, doesn’t mean that I want to date you, hookup with you, or have fallen in love with you.


This being said now, the next “is it better question.” Is it better when going to an interview, to let them know what you can do, to “wow” the interviewer, or is it better to be a little modest, and admit that you’re still willing to learn from others also?

To me this is a no brainer, I do want to let the interviewer know what I can do, but that I’m also willing to learn from others at the same time. I’ve heard arguments both for and against doing this, but I have to be me. I’m the kind of person, that if I think the janitor has a great idea, I want to hear about it and listen. I love to learn from others, I guess that’s why I tell people like Joel Elveson, that I really enjoy his articles. I get to listen, read, learn, and feel from his perspective on and about life. I love most genres of music as well because it’s the same way to me. Why did they write those lyrics? Or perform the song that way? Movies and television shows I enjoy most genres and styles as well. I love to see a great story being told, and how it’s interpreted.


Is it right to be called a “racist” just because of your skin color?

As most of you already know by now, I’m multiracial. Mostly Native American, but other racial identities run through my blood as well, so I personally don’t see how being proud of my identities, makes me a “racist” of any kind. No, I don’t put down other races, creeds, religions, sexes, gender identities, etc.

In my mind, God allows everyone to choose for themselves who they want to be, what they want to be, and who they want to serve. Do I have to answer for your choices in life? NO! I answer for my own choices and how they affect myself and others. Granted, I try my best to never hate anyone, or use anyone as well, although I’m not perfect and do make mistakes. I’m also the first one to admit to a person if I feel that I have wronged them in anyway, apologize sincerely, and ask for their forgiveness.

Maybe it’s just me, but if people would forgive each other, there would be far less hatred in this world.

Now true forgiveness to me doesn’t mean that I allow the person to wrong me again either, or me them.


When the news outlets call it “draining the swamp” in politics, why don’t they mean get rid of “all”

the politicians who have done something wrong, not just one party or the other? Why can’t “We The People, who’s government this is for and by”, make these changes? As you can see, I don’t endorse either political party, any political party, or any politician. What I do endorse and ask for is something it seems that the United States government has lost now, “Common Sense” of right and wrong.

People should be allowed to have their choices and dictates of conscience, as long as they don’t do any harm to another person, animal or Mother Earth in my thoughts also.


Is it better to have poverty and displacement of wealth or wealth to help those less fortunate?

I’m not saying that a person is not supposed to take care of themselves and family first, but how much wealth is enough for a lifestyle, to where you forget about the less fortunate in this world?

I know that money will never replace the value of my brothers and sisters to me. Also money is just something that someone puts an intristic value upon. I’m other words, “what’s one person’s junk, is another person’s treasure.” Which brings me to my next point:


1.) May 26, 2019 was Memorial Day in the USA. It’s a day to remember all those people in our lives that made a difference and in military terms, gave us their all. Yes, I’m a veteran, I’m also a former volunteer firefighter, and correctional officer. What irks me the most is that if we have a day to remember our lives heroes, why do we have an over abundance of homeless veterans, a messed up VA system, police officer suicides, veteran suicides, and such? Can someone please explain to me “WHY” we treat our “supposed” heroes in and from our lives like SHIT, until they die, and only then do we give them the proper honor they deserve.

2.) I’m Native American mostly, I do hunt for food when given the chance, I only take and kill what I need, if I don’t need it, I don’t hunt or kill. I take ALL life seriously, even animal life is sacred to me. As a matter of fact, I don’t agree with over kill of animals, or taking animals for “sport” or “trophy” hunting only. So my question is this: why do people try to dictate what I can and cannot eat for food? (And btw; I haven’t hunted any animals in over 6 years now) no need to.

The reason why I bought up this question is because I just got done food shopping today for the month. Salads, fresh fruits and vegetables are high priced!!! I spent $140 on groceries, got the “cheapest” organic foods I could find, because I refuse to eat processed foods, and barely came out with 8 plastic bags full. I’m far from wealthy, I mainly live on my disability income from being a disabled veteran right now, and people are out there trying to dictate to me what I can and cannot eat??? Seriously???

I know that if I ever become “wealthy” or “rich” that after my families needs are met, and right now I’m single, that I will be helping the less fortunate than what I will be, “IF” that happens. I’m not saying that they’re not any wealthy people out there who aren’t helping, but when.01% of the USA population controls 99.9% of the wealth, I think you get my point.

A change has been started, the storm is here, slowly gathering force, and the cleansing is coming. Twelve (12) will become one again. Prophecy from my ancestors, that is not just written by them.

It all comes back to choices that you make in life, for yourself and how they affect others. Because whether you want to believe it or not, we are all related in the circle of life. Some call it the “butterfly” effect, some call it the “Mandela” effect. I call it the human effect.


Joke of the day: Harry died and went to meet St. Peter at the gates of Heaven. St. Peter told him that he’s not sure if he can admit him right now. Harry asked St. Peter why? St. Peter replied because you upset Moses. Harry asked St. Peter how he upset Moses? St. Peter said, you were born a millennial generation right? Harry said yes. St. Peter told Harry that he kept hurting Moses feelings by telling everybody that he thought they were older than Moses and dirt. ( Harry died a young man)

-Hanta Nashob aka RunningWolf1989

Elizmi Haze-Catch My Fire

Ok, so I added the extra at the end of her name, because she has one of the most beautiful, natural voices that I have heard in a long time. Her song covers of other popular artists before are spot on, but also done in her own unique, personal style.

Songs like “Unforgettable” by French Montana, or “Fallin” cover by Alicia Keys, and “On My Mind” by Jorja Smith bring out the natural talent and capabilities that Elizmi has to sing an entertain. You can see and hear that she enjoys every aspect of a song, and puts everything into performing it. At only 20-21 years old, she has a  long career ahead of her, and can only cement more of a legacy for herself. I was asked who Elizmi closely resembles, and honestly, I think that she likes the other pop and R&B legends, but has a style that is all her own. When you listen to her latest song, “Magical” I only hear her performing the song as herself. I have been in the music and entertainment industry in one role or another for over 31 years now. I’m great full that I have been priviledged to find some of the talent that I have. Elizmi is something special, and I’m great full to be able to call her my friend. Check out her links and bio below, and see why I know this young lady is something that the music industry needs to take notice of.

Check out all of her music in the links below, and see why I have gave her this review, I think that you will agree with me, that this young lady, is everything that I said she is and more.

Hanta Nashob, aka RunningWolf1989



DeJayAMI Review

Name: DMoN Aka DeJayAMI (Duncan Monaghan)
Works: Debut EP Ladies Knight.
          Anthology ‘The Greenest Fields
Influences: Tupac, Ice-T, Public Enemy, N.W.A.
Bio: I was born in Brisbane Australia and grew up in the era of the golden age of Hip Hop in terms of Rap and Hip hop (80s-90s-). Aged 16 music took grip and before long I was taught to write Poetry due a close relationship with a English teacher in high school.
Recording my own Ep was merely a Dream but It Was a Dream I Never Gave up pursuing. I followed my passion for writing until I felt Confident to put my words into works and created my own blend of music. Over the Years  Ive had my doubters and I chose to Raise Above the negativity of Downplaying of other Artists on the Same journey.
I believe we all have it inside to create If you put in the Work- Results can be Life Altering.
This rings true when I Perform at festivals once I Establish a Connection the pressure vanishes and Im in my element.
Its my plan this year to record my followup Mixtape with selected Tracks from my collection of writing. The Beats I have Have been supplied by LX Xander Who has produced for Wiz, Future, Snoop And Royce. So expect big things from DMoN That May change the Game up.
Another goal for me is to Place more Effort into my Online Networking Brand dejayami.
Ive trademarked the name and domain and am in the process of uploading a web site very soon.
in 2019 The Life im Living Now I have momentum and stability. Previous to this for the last 10 years Id been off the rails Lost to a Life of Failure after failure and The only Sense I Could find in the World Came from following my Passions weighing up the options and Altering my Perspective.
Music Saved me from falling on my sword.
What can I say, but awesome old school, meets new school ideas in the songs that I listened to. “What’s Your Name Girl”  uses techniques that I still to this day myself.
Well worth your time to check out his music and enjoy the bounce that I got to his beats.
RunningWolf1989 aka Hanta Nashob

“Have You Heard Kiah Yet??”

I’m Kiah a pop singer I’ve just release my new single Pretty Player.
Please take a listen to my music here 
And here is my Spotify account
First impressions: I can see why she has 57.9k plays of this song on Soundcloud. This is a very HOT sound, fit for the radio! I perceive her style as Pop,a little R&B, and EDM. Very cool song! Love how the music matches her vocal style. The producer did a great job with this beat.
Next song, “Touching My Body” shows 310k plays. Starts off with that party pop, dance sound. Unique lyrics, and again the producer did a great job. These styles match her very well, I can see her songs being played at the clubs and people poppin to them.


Singer, performer, songwriter

This multifaceted and passionate artist plunges us without realizing it into the world of flashy electro pop.
The topics that she raises are universal and which everyone can relate to. Her single TOUCH MY BODY is a mix of genres with electro, pop, salsa a heady tune, with rhythms styled for dancing and the dance-floor. A wind of freedom flows through this single with Kiah’s constant desire to go even further musically and artistically with her fashion-influenced visuals.


Artiste, interprète, auteur et compositeur

Cette artiste aux multiples facettes et passionnée nous plonge sans calcul dans cet univers electro, pop et excentrique . Les thèmes qu’elle aborde sont universels dans lesquels chacun peut se reconnaître. Son nouveau titre TOUCH MY BODY est un mélange des genres avec ; de l’electro , de la  pop et de la salsa , une mélodie entêtante avec des rythmes taillés pour le dancefloor.
Un vent de liberté souffle sur ce single avec pour KIAH une volonté d’aller toujours plus loin musicalement et artistiquement dans ses visuels influencés par la mode.


Over all I give Kiah a 9/10 for originality, and a 10/10 for performance. Her vocals and enthusiasm matches quite well with the music that she and the producer(s) choose. I would definitely buy her songs and play that at them clubs if I was a DJ and wanted to get the party started. This young artist is going places very quickly!!

Hanta Nashob aka RunningWolf1989 President/Owner Savagely Twisted Records, LLC 1/3/2019